Sunday, March 25, 2012

Rock The World!

For my manicure today I decided to try out the bottle of Orly Rock The World that I picked up last weekend. It is a purple polish with a lot of gold shimmers in it that give the polish a lot of dimension. I saw this beautiful color a while ago swatched on some blogs but I was never able to find it myself.  I finally found it in the clearance bin at Sally's Beauty Supply when I was home last weekend and I was able to score it for $3!

This is the polish at one coat.  The left was take with a flash, the right without.

The polish was opaque after two coats and it looked pretty awesome, but I decided that I would try out three coats just to see what it looked like.

The third coat just made the purple a little bit darker.  Overall I am very impressed with this color.  It takes on many different colors depending on what kind of light you are in.  It is very purple in bright light, in dim light it takes on a shimmery brown color, and at certain angles it looks very gold.  I am very glad that I came across this beauty!

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