Thursday, March 8, 2012

Manicure of the Day: Opalescent French Tip

I wanted to do some more playing around with Julep Melissa (click here for some swatches) so I decided it would be cool to do an opalescent French Tip  over Julep Charlotte.  I really loved the combo of these two together so I figured this might end up really cool.

The first two pictures are with a camera flash.  It was interesting when I took the picture with a flash I lost some of the opalescent French Tip  some of the nails just looked purple.  By the way I really love the color of Charlotte it is such a beautiful creme lavender color.

The last two pictures are taken with out the flash and you can see the opalescent French Tip a lot better.  I really like this design.  It is subtle but when it catches your eye it is really beautiful.

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