Monday, March 12, 2012

First Attempt at Konad Stamping Plates!

I decided to be adventurous the other day and I ordered one Konad stamping plate and a bunch of Bundle Monster plates.  So for my manicure today I couldn't help but experiment with them.

For those of you who do not know what Konad is, it is a metal disk that has various designs etched into it. To use it you:
1) Paint your nails the desired color of your background.
2) Put a dab of polish over the design that you want to use.
3) Then take your scraper and scape the excess polish off .
4) Then you take a rubber stamper and pick the design up off of the plate.
5) Then stamp it on to your nail.

It is not really that complicated of a process, but you have to be quick so that the polish design does not dry before you place it on your nail.

The plate above is the plate that I used for my design.  It is Konad m63 and I used the design in the bottom right corner.

For this design I used China Glaze Reggae to Riches for the background and Sinful Colors Black on Black as the stamping color.  This was my first time using Reggae to Riches and I am in love with the color it is a purple/pink duo chrome and it looks great on my nails!  I used two coats of if for this design.

I really like the design I used off the Konad plate, but some problems I ran into were the black polish drying before I could stamp it over the design and trying to properly line up the design.  The first few nails were rough, but by the end of stamping my 10 fingers I felt like I was getting a little better and faster.

I think for a first attempt that they came out decent.  I cannot wait to do some more experiments with the plates and to try out different designs and color combinations!

Have you ever used stamping plates? Have any helpful tips? Leave a comment here or on Facebook!

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