Sunday, April 15, 2012

Butter London Trout Pout with Stamping!

As I posted earlier I purchased Butter London Trout Pout at Ulta today and I had to try it out immediately! It is such a beautiful bright salmon pink color that is perfect for the spring season!  I did take 3 coats to get it completely opaque. The first 2 coats were very streaky but the 3rd one evened them out.  I really love this color and I am so glad that I was finally able to find it!

The picture above shows the polish at 3 coats.  After that I decided it would be cool to top it off with a stamp.  I wanted to give it a little more flash.  I used BM 206 for the design and Wet n' Wild Wild Shine in Black Creme for the stamping polish.

I really like how the design came out.  I am still working on my stamping skills, but I am getting better with every time time that I do them.  If you want more information on stamping plates or how to use them you can check out my blog post on them here.

I would love to know what you guys think of this design.  Leave a comment here, on Facebook, or tweet at me on twitter @Polish_Paradise!

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