Thursday, April 5, 2012

Manicure of the Day: Foie Gras with Luxe and Lush!

Lots of exciting stuff going on in the past couple of days!  I finally reached 100 fans on Facebook and started my giveaway (you can find it here if you want to enter!).  I was also nominated for two blogger awards, which is really awesome!  Also I am on spring break from college, which is nice cause I get a chance to relax!

For my manicure today I decided to use the last of the China Glaze Capitol Colors that I had yet to try because I am finally going to see the movie tonight!  For this manicure I used China Glaze Foie Gras and China Glaze Luxe and Lush.

Foie Gras  is a beautiful brown color.  It kind of reminds me of milk chocolate or hot chocolate.  It has great opacity.  It looked pretty great after one coat, but I still put two on just to cover up some of the thin spots.

After two coats it is completely opaque.  I then decided it needed some accent nails to jazz it up.  I put one coat of Luxe and Lush on my thumb and ring fingers.

I think that the accent nails gave my nails the flash that they needed.  I am really excited to see The Hunger Games and I am even more excited that my nails will match the movie!

Did any of you guys see or read The Hunger Games? Leave a comment here or on the Polished Paradise Facebook Page!

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