Saturday, April 21, 2012

Design of the Day: Galaxy Nails!

I was really bored and on back up duty last night so I decided to be bold and do some experimentation with the Galaxy nails that I have been seeing every where.  I have always like the design, but I wanted to see if I could put my own twist on it.  Also I have shorter nails than most of the people I have seen the designs on so I wanted to see how it would come out on a smaller canvas.

For this design I used China Glaze Smoke and AshesChina Glaze Blue Year's Eve, Revlon Blue, Lagoon,  Zoya Tru,  China Glaze Solar Power, Wet n Wild French White Creme, and Revlon Stunning.

Below is a step by step tutorial on how to complete this look for yourself.

I started out with two coats of China Glaze Smoke and Ashes.

After that was dry I then used a cosmetic sponge with a little China Glaze Blue Year's Eve on it to dab a little blue sparkle on a diagonal across my nails.

Next put some Revlon Blue Lagoon on my cosmetic sponge and dabbed it over  when I placed the darker blue before, leaving some of the darker blue showing.

After that I used Zoya Tru  on the cosmetic sponge to add a little bit of purple above the light blue.

Next I put some China Glaze Solar Power on the cosmetic sponge and dabbed a little below the light blue color.

Next using a thin paint brush I added white dots to look like stars in the sky.  The polish that I used for this is Wet n Wild French White Creme.

Over that I brushed a very thin coat of Revlon Stunning.  It made it look like twinkling stars in the sky.  Also if you get one or two of the large glitters on your nails it can look like large stars in the sky.  Make sure to whip a lot of the glitter off the brush other wise you might end up with to much glitter on the nails and that will take away from the design.

Above is my finished manicure after I put some Seshe Vite top coat on it.  I am really excited with how they came out.  The great thing about this design is that it is very loose and it is almost impossible to make mistakes!  All you really need for it is polish and a cosmetic sponge.  It is really great to try out if you are new to nail art or if you have tried sponge gradients before.  Also you can customize it to work with any color polishes that you have in your collection!

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  1. using Smoke and Ashes for the Base is a brilliant idea. Because the sky is not black, it has flecks, so it's a perfect choice!

    1. Thank! I thought the same exact think when I first saw smoke and ashes! That's why I wanted till I got the polish to try it out!