Thursday, April 12, 2012

My First Zoya's and an Awesome Design!

I just received the two Zoya polishes that I ordered using the Share the Love Program.  (More info about the Share the Love Program here!) I decided to buy Zoya Arizona which is a orange-yellow creme color and Zoya Kimber is a bright pink foil metallic that has a hint of golden-orange shimmer.  Both of these colors are from the Zoya Summer 2012 Beach and Surf Collection.

I had to try them both out immediately, which meant using them both in a design together!  It wasn't to hard since the colors go beautifully together!  I decided it would be really fun and summery to do polka dots!

One Coat
On a side note about the actual polish, Kimber is a beautiful color was was very opaque after one coat, but after two coats the color becomes much richer hand has more depth.  Arizona was a little streaky after one coat but after two coats it filled in and is a beautiful bright cheery color!
Two Coats

I first started by painting my nails with the color that I wanted to be the background of the dots.  I used Arizona  on all my fingers except my ring finger, where I used Kimber just to change things up a bit. After the polish had dried I used a toothpick to place the dots on each nail.  Kimber's formula was very easy to dot with, all the dots came out smooth and round.  Arizona was a little harder to work with for the dots, the dots did not want to spread out as much and it was harder to get them into a perfect round shape.

Left Hand
Right Hand
Surprisingly my right hand which I painted with my left hand (I'm a righty) came out much better than my left hand! This usually never happens for me!  I really love how these two colors go together, and I have gotten so many complements on the color combination all day long! I am so impressed with these Zoya colors and I cannot wait to buy some more of them!

What do you think of Zoya Polishes? Can you recommend any good colors of there's?  Leave a comment here or on Facebook, or you can Tweet at me on Twitter @Polish_Paradise 


  1. With the more I see, I really REALLY like the doticures - and you're no exception :-D
    It's so summer and fun!!

    I still don't have any Zoya's but my firsts are suppose to land here sometimes next week :-D

    1. Thank You! I am glad you like mine! I love dots they are just so fun looking and easy to do for a begginer!

      These two are my first Zoya's and I definately see many many more in my future! What colors did you order?