Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tutorial: Zoya Blogger Trio Dotticure!

I really wanted to put all of the awesome nail products I have received recently to work, so I decided to see how many of them I could use in one manicure while having it still look cool.

The pictures above are what I ended up with.  For this design I used Zoya Kate, Zoya Coraline, and Wet'n'Wild French White Creme to create the dots.

To create the dot look that is on a majority of the nails I started off with two coats of Zoya Kate on each of the nails I wanted to have dots.  After the two coats were dry I use my medium sized dotting tool (you could use a toothpick if you do not have dotting tools) dipped in Wet'n'Wild French White Creme to create the polka dot pattern on each nail, making sure to evenly space the dots out.  After all the dots were dry I went over them with another coat of Kate so that they would have light pink color and would look like they were sandwiched in the layers of the jelly polish.  Then I topped it off with a coat of Seche Vite top coat.

For my accent nail I started off with three coats of Zoya Coraline.  After that was dry I put two stripes of green striping tape criss crossing each other on the nail.  Be very careful when trying to cut the tape flush to the nail.  They ideal tool to have to cut the tape would be a cuticle nipper, but I unfortunately do not have one of those so I used a scissors which did not cut the tape close enough to the edge as I would have liked it.  They I topped the tape off with one of the flowers from the nail art rods set.  I used an exacto knife to cut a very thin slice off of the rod and then adhered it to my nail with a generous dob of top coat.  Once again if you do use an exacto knife for cutting anything please be very careful because they are very sharp.  I then covered the nail with a generous coat of top coat to make sure that the flower was completely adhered to the nail.

I really love how this design came out! It incorporated all of the things I wanted it to with out it looking to crazy!  I think its a cute summer look! But I have to say that my favorite nails are the polka dot nails.  I am in love with Zoya Kate and I love how the dots look with the polish.

What are your favorite summer nail looks?  Leave a comment here, on Facebook, or tweet me @Polish_Paradise!

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