Monday, June 4, 2012

Amazon Nail Art Haul

I finally got around to buying some of the nail art tools that I have had in my Amazon cart for ages!  I bought a set of 5 double sided dotting tools, which is something I desperately needed, a 10 pack of metallic striping tape, and 100 nail art rods.

Above are my dotting tools.  They have metal balls at each end of varying sizes that help you create uniform dots on your nails.  They can also be used for drag marbling and painting small designs on your nails.

Striping tape is very thin metallic tape that is used for creating uniform straight line designs on your nails.  This pack came with 10 different colors of tape.

Above are the 100 pack of nail art rods. For those of you who don't know nail art rods are little sticks  that are about 2 inches long that have designs on the inside of them.  You take an exacto knife and cut them in to thin slivers and place them on your nails to help create designs.  They vary in designs from flowers to stars to fruit!  They are really cute!  I am very excited to think of some cute designs to do with these things!

Now for the fun part!  I want to know what kinds of designs you guys want to see!  I have all of these awesome tools and I want to know what you guys would like to see me do with them! So please leave comments with your requests!  You can also leave them on the Polished Paradise Facebook Page or tweet them to me @Polish_Paradise!

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