Thursday, June 28, 2012

Review: Barielle Nail Polish


I am very excited to share swatches with you today from Barielle.  Today I have Starchild, A Bouquet For Ava, Elle's Spell, and Growth Activator for Natural Nails for review today.

First up is A Bouquet For Ava, which is a beautiful middle tone blue crème polish with just a hint of green in it.

One Coat:

The first coat of polish went on very smooth and evenly.

Two Coats:

The second coat of polish really brings out the color.  This is definitely a two coater.  The color is beautiful and rich.  My only warning is that you should put down two coats of base coat before using this polish.  It stained my nails a little bit, but that is nothing that can't be prevented with a good layer of base coat.

Next up is Starchild, a small and medium hexagonal blend of silver holographic glitters in a clear base.  It is so sparkly and awesome!

One Coat:

I found Starchild extremely easy to work with for a glitter polish.  The glitter came out very easily on the brush and evenly distributed when brushed on the nail.  With many glitter polishes I feel like I am fishing to get the glitter out, but that was not the case with this one, which is amazing!

Two Coats:

Three Coats:

After three coats you basically have full coverage if you wanted to wear this polish on its own.  I think it looks so sparkly and pretty.  I just love how it catches the light, but I don't think I would wear it on its own.  I think it would be a great topcoat over a polish, as shown below.

One Coat over A Bouquet for Ava:

It is so beautiful on top of the blue polish.  It really adds a nice flair to any crème based polish that you would layer underneath it.

Elle's Spell is a dark red almost raspberry based jelly polish with small iridescent flakies in it.  It is truly stunning on the nails, but it was very hard to photograph the amazingness of this nail polish.

One Coat:

The first coat applied very smooth and evenly.  It is hard to see the flakies in these pictures, but they also distributed evenly and smooth on the nail.

Two Coats:

In this picture you can see the flakies better.  They add a beautiful golden shimmer to the red jelly base. Full coverage could definitely be achieved after two coats, but I tried out three just to make sure.

Three Coats:

The third coat made the red base a little brighter, but that is about it.  I really love how the flakies in this polish stayed smooth through out the coats.  I think that it is such a beautiful and unique color.

And last but not least I received a nail treatment called Growth Activator for Natural Nails.

I was very excited to try this out because I have been wanting to grow my nails a little longer, but they always get to a certain point and start to break and peal.  The instructions on the box say to paint it on your nail up to two times a week and that it can be used as a base coat.  So far I have had it on my nails for about a week, and I can already feel the difference.  My nails are growing faster and much stronger. Also they are no longer bending and pealing.  The nice thing about this nail treatment is that it is very shiny and can be warn on its own, like it is shown above.

Overall I am very impressed with all of these Barielle products.  They have a great polish formula, and their nail treatments are definitely amazing too!  If you are interested in trying any of these polishes out for yourself make sure to check out the Barielle website and their Facebook Page!

What color Barielle polishes do you own? Leave a comment here, on Facebook, or tweet me @Polish_Paradise!

*Products in this post were provided for review.  All views expressed are my own. See my Disclosure Tab for more info.*

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