Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Tutorial: Reverse Gold Glitter Gradient

From the first time I saw Julep Oscar I knew it would be the perfect gold glitter for a glitter gradient! So that is what I have for you all today.  I created what I call a reverse glitter gradient with Julep Oscar, Essie Cosmo's PSS Shimmer, and Saint Germain Sea Green. I have included a tutorial for the glitter gradients again because I get a lot of requests on how to recreate my other glitter gradients and they are so easy and beautiful.

Step One:

Paint your nails with you base color of choice.  I used three coats of Saint Germain Sea Green.

Step Two:

I used one very thin coat of Essie Cosmo's PSS Shimmer do add some different sized glitters to the gradient.  I started painting it at the base of my nail and went 3/4 of the way to the top and left a space of just the base polish.  I also tried to stagger how high the glitter went up.  You don't want it to just look like it stopped at a specific line, you want it to look like it just happened.

Step Three:

Next I added a thin coat of Julep Oscar on top of that, bringing it to around the same area on the nail and staggering where the glitter stops.

Step Four:

I then added more Oscar, but this time adding a thicker coat stopping half way up the nail.

Step Five:

Next I repeated step four but only adding Oscar to the bottom 1/4 of my nail.  This makes the glitter dense at the base of the nail, and leaves the tips of the nails looking like the glitter is floating off of it.

I think the combination of Saint Germain Sea Green and Julep Oscar look stunning together.  Also the addition of Essie Cosmo's PSS Shimmer adds some different color and textured glitters to the look.  I looks so sparkly and sophisticated! This is a beautiful fresh look for summer and it is so easy to replicate for yourself.

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