Monday, June 18, 2012

Review: Saint Germain Nail Polish

 Today I am very excited to be reviewing three Saint Germain Nail polishes today.  I received Sea Green, Purple Silver, and Poppy to review, and I must say that they are all beautiful colors.

The picture above shows Sea Green, Poppy, and Purple Silver.

First up is Sea Green, which is a very light green creme color that reminds me of mint ice cream.

One Coat:

The first coat of polish applied very smooth, but was a little streaky.

Two Coats:

The second coat definitely bumped up the color of the polish.  It looked exactly like the color in the bottle.

Three Coats:

I decided to put a third coat of polish on because I had one think spot on one of my nails.  I definitely think Sea Green could be a two coater if you use two thick coats of polish, but three thin coats works very well also.  I absolutely love this color!  If you are looking for a great light green creme polish Sea Green is defiantly one that you should check out!  It is so soft and pretty for the summer time!  

Poppy is a beautiful red shimmer polish with purple hues; and I have to say I think it is my favorite out of the bunch!

One Coat:

Poppy  applies very smooth, and if you were in a rush one coat could definitely be enough for even coverage, but two coats really bring out the beautiful color of this polish.

Two Coats:

This polish is definitely a two coater! With the second coat of polish it becomes much more red, also the shimmer becomes more defined.  I love how bright this red is.  Also it really goes great with my skin tone due to its purple / blue undertone.  If you have a cool skin tone this is a really great red color for you (and I know how hard it is to find reds when your have a cool skin tone.)!

And last but not least is Purple Silver.  I found this color to be very interesting when I looked at it online, but when I tried it on I fell in love with it!  It is exactly what it's name states, it is a lilac purple color with a silvery frost.  

One Coat:

Above is Purple Silver at one coat.  I tried to show it at different angles so you could see how the color changes in the light.  This color also applies very smooth, just like the other bottles.

Two Coats:

Another two coater!  The purple becomes much more noticeable with the second coat of polish.  This polish is subtle yet awesome.  The purple is light enough to go with many skin tones, but bright enough to be noticed, and the added silver shimmer definitely makes a statement!

I am really impressed with all three of these polishes.  They are beautiful colors and Saint Germain's polish formula is really nice and has a very smooth application.  Saint Germain nail polish retails for $4.95 on their website:  You can also find them on Facebook!  

Do you own any Saint Germain polish?  What are your favorite shades?  Leave a comment here, on Facebook, or tweet me@Polish_Paradise!

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