Saturday, February 25, 2012

Swatch Comparison: OPI Teenage Dream v. Pure Ice Spit Fire

As a college student I am always trying to save money where ever I can.  One of the ways that I do is this by trying to find dupes for popular colors that come from popular brands.  While sometimes there is nothing like a name brand nail polish color I really enjoy trying to see if I can find good dupes for colors.  Its kind of a sport for me.

Today I have swatched two colors that I thought looked very similar in the bottle.  One of the polishes is one of my all time favorites OPI Teenage Dream.  The other polish is Pure Ice Spit Fire which I just picked up at Walmart yesterday.  While they look extremely similar in the bottle, I could still see some minor differences.  For example the glitter in Spit Fire is not as large as Teenage Dream.

With the first coat that I did on my nail wheel the biggest difference that I noticed was that the gel base of Spit Fire was not a pink as the base to Teenage Dream.  But the Glitter look very simialr, right down to the holographic glitters that both polishes have.

After two coats the biggest difference that I could see was still the same as from the first coat, not as pink. But overall I feel that Pure Ice Spit Fire is a fairly good dupe for OPI Teenage Dream.  While they are not exactly the same Spit Fire has all the same elements that made me fall in love with Teenage Dream.  If you missed Teenage Dream when it came out last year deffinately check out Spit Fire.  You can find Spit Fire at Walmart.

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