Sunday, February 26, 2012

Review: Claire's Magnetix Polish in Green

Hello! Happy Oscar Sunday!  I went to the local mall today and ended up picking up two bottles of the Claire's brand Magnetix polish.  I got the Green and Pink colors.  They do not have actual names on them so I will just refer to them my their color.

Magnetic polish seems to be the newest nail trend, and I can understand why... it's really freaking cool!  How it works is the wet nail polish reacts to the magnet and create these cool designs on the nails.  I have seen many brands come out with this recently but I decided that I would buy the ones from Claire's because I had heard good reviews, and also all of their cosmetics are buy one get one half off! (woohoo for saving money!)

That is what the Green Magnetix's polish looks like on my nails.  I really love it! It reminds me of a watermelon rind.  When you put it on your nails it looks like a light metallic green and the magnet gives it these beautiful dark stripes that have a lot of depth.  I followed the instructions on the cap of  the bottle, but the only thing I did differently was I applied one coat of the polish and let it dry.  Then I put on a second coat and then used the magnet to make the design.  I found that it makes the design more defined.  Overall I really like this polish and for $8.50 a bottle I think that it is a great bargain compared to some of the other brands that I have seen.  You can find the polish at Claire's.  Pink Magnetix's review and swatches coming soon!

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