Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Grey Leopard Design

Hello everyone! Today I wanted to give you all a how to for the gray leopard design that is shown in the picture above.  For this design I used Ulta Concrete Evidence for the background color, Ulta Smoke Screen for the leopard spots, and a Nicole by OPI Nail Art Pen in Black for the accents around the spots.  The is a very versatile design that can be done with any color combination that you have.  It is also very easy to do for those of you who are only starting to dabble in nail art!

Leopard How to:

1.  Paint your nail the background color of your desire and apply as many coats as you feel is needed.

2. After background coat has dried use the tip of the brush of your spot color to create different shaped spots on your nails.

3.  After the spots have dried use a nail art pen or a tooth pick dipped in black polish to create accent lines around your spots.  The best way to do this is to make two C shapes around each spot and make sure that they do not touch.  The great thing is that the lines do  not need to be perfect, in fact they look more realistic if they are not. You can also add a few more smaller spots if you think it works with your design. 

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