Thursday, July 19, 2012

Deborah Lippmann Meets a Holo Top Coat

Today I have a very interesting combo for you all; a couple of weeks ago I managed to score a Deborah Lippmann duo from a HSN clearance sale one of the polished that came in that duo was Don't Tell Mama, and the other day I had some credit from and a bought a Spectraflair Holographic pigment top coat.  I thought it might be fun to layer these two polishes for a darker holographic look.

But first I have some pictures of Don't Tell Mama on its own.

Above is two coats of Don't Tell Mama.  I have to say I was not as impressed with this color on my nails as I was with it in the bottle.  In the bottle it looks like a dark iridescent teal color, but on my nails it looked like a very dark grayish green with minimal amounts of shimmer.  I thought the color looked very flat and in most light looked like it was just black polish.

Next I decided to jazz it up with two coats of the Holographic top coat.  The top coat is made from a suspension base with 35 coarse grade Spectraflair holographic pigment.  From what I have learned about Spectraflair a 35 coarse grade pigment means that the pigment is very holographic even indoors, and it truly lives up to that description!  It is so holographic and I am in love with it.  I will let the pictures show you the rest.

I used two coats of the holo top coat, but one would definitely show a lot of the amazing holographics too!  You can see all the colors of the rainbow and it is so beautiful!  I cannot stop staring at my nails!

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  1. Love that holographic top coat....where did you get it if you don't mind me asking....what brand is it....I totally want it!

    1. I bought the holo top coat on, when you sign up you get $10 free credit to spend. I used credit to pay for this bottle and I only payed a penny for it. I will include my referral link below if you are interested in signing up. They give a lot of free credit offers too so it's pretty worth it. The top coat is from an independent maker who does not have a name for her brand, she just makes holographic top coats. I will include a link to her Copious listings for you to check out as well. I really like it and the formula is nice. I highly recommend it. It is the best holo polish that I own.

      Referral Link:

      User I bought top coat from:

  2. Thanks so much for the codes tonight.....I just ordered this!!! So excited!!! Thanks again!!!

    1. No problem! I am glad that you were able to get a bottle for yourself! Enjoy it!