Sunday, October 14, 2012

I Love Fall: My Fall Favorites!

Love For Lacquer tagged me in her I <3 Fall post about all her favorite fall things, so I decided to follow suit and share all of my favorite fall things with you guys!  Fall is my favorite time of year so I can tell you that it is going to be very hard to pick my favorite things about the season!

Favorite Fall Lip Product

I have been going through a huge lipstick/color phase lately so I picked three of my favorites that I think are great colors for fall.

Benefit - Bene-tint
Revlon Lip Butter - Berrie Smoothie
ELF Matte Lip Color - Rich Red

Favorite Fall Nail Polish
I picked three once again.  I wanted to keep it even! Haha! I have been really obsessed with the Zoya Glossy collection this fall so I picked two of those colors and one of my all time favorite OPI's

Zoya Katherine
Zoya Frida
OPI Take The Stage

Favorite Fall Starbucks Drink
For this one I am going to have to go with the Pumpkin Spice Latte.  It is one of my all time favorite things about fall.  I have to say that the Salted Carmel Mocha was a close second though.

Favorite Fall Candle
This is a hard one for me since I do not buy a lot of candles, but I did recently smell the Yankee Candle Apple Cider Candle which was really nice, so that is my pick!

Favorite Fall Scarf or Accessory
I would say that my Ray Ban Aviators are my favorite fall accessory. I wear them every day and their green lenses look really cool with many of my fall outfits.

Haunted House, Haunted Hayride or Haunted Corn Maze?
I would have to say Haunted Houses, but real haunted houses.  I used to go to Salem, Mass every Halloween and I love going on ghost tours and seeing houses and sites that claim to actually be haunted.  They are really cool and I highly recommend them if you ever get a chance to go there!

Favorite Halloween Movie
I'll be honest I can't really think of many Halloween movies, and I am not a huge fan of scary movies so I guess I will go with the only Halloween movie that I know which is the classic "It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown".  It is such a cute movie and it has such a sweet message.

Favorite Candy to Eat on Halloween
Orange Kit Kats! They are white chocolate Kit Kats that are dyed orange and they are awesome!

What Are You Dressing Up As On Halloween?
This year I will be dressing up as a grad student who has a Public Relations Midterm.  Unfortunately I not only have class on Halloween but a Midterm, so I will not be dressing up as anything fun this year. :(

What is Your Favorite Thing About Fall?
If I had to pick just one thing it would be the leaves.  I love how they change colors and look so beautiful, but I also love how they crunch beneath your shoes after they fall.  I used to love jumping in the leaves when I was a kid and to be honest I still love doing it today!

And that is it for all of my fall favorites!  Thank you to Love for Lacquer for creating this! Feel free to share your fall favorites in the comments section below or with me on the Polished Paradise Facebook Page!

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